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Started by Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes in 2012.

galopecine is a production company specialized in auteur cinema. We develop film projects and offer post-production services.

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Noise is the Houses

63 minutes| 2018
Hd | Color | 5.1 

Produced by Galope Cine and Lumen Cine with INCAA’s (Argentinian film institute) support.-

Noise is the houses is a film about the creation of experimental music in Buenos Aires. Influenced by the urban environment, different artists improvise ephemeral sound pieces that oscillate between music and what is commonly considered noise. In that sense, they pervert the use of traditional instruments and construct unique devices. The film apprehends the flow of creative processes in present-time and proposes a trip along the emotional states that sound reveals in us.
· WOS, Avant-Garde Music Festival. Special Screening. Spain. September 2018. 
· ENCUENTROS CINEMATOGRÁFICOS CÁMARA LÚCIDA. 3º International Film Festival “No-Ficción, Experimental y Poéticas Expandidas”. Ecuador. July 2018.
· 29º FID MARSEILLE. Special Mention First Film Competition. International Premiere. France. July 2018.
· 20º BAFICI. Avant-garde and Genre International Competition. World Premiere. Argentine. April 2018.


Directing, Editing and Sound Design: Luciana Foglio, Luján Montes
Production: Luciana Foglio, Anibal Garisto, Luján Montes
Production Assistants: Lourdes Maro, Nahuel Suárez
Cinematography and Camera: Gustavo Esnaola Moro, Luciana Foglio, Luján Montes
Film Editor and Color Grading: Luján Montes
Sound Mixers: Luciana Foglio, Facundo Gómez
Sound Editor: Luciana Foglio
Final Sound Mix: Facundo Gómez, Martín Scaglia
Graphic Design: Ian Kornfeld

Carolina Andreetti, Julia Arbós, Javier Areal Vélez, Juan Barabani, Victoria Baraga, Javier Bustos, Dante Chianetta, Mariana Corral, Diego Dubatti, Jorge Espinal, Andrea Fasani, Lucrecia Frassetto, Fabiana Galante, Agustín Genoud, Cecilia Grammatico, Hernán Hayet, María Heller, Cecilia Quinteros, Maka Lezica, Azucena Losana, Renata Lozupone, Pamela Lucero, Diego Makendosky, Jorge Mancini, Cristian Martínez, Verónica Mercado, Sonia Neuburger, Catriel Nievas, Santiago Pereson, Juan Pereyra, Sebastián Rey, Manu Reyes, Luciana Rizzo, Carolina Thiers, Bárbara Togander, Claudia Toro, Pablo Vásquez, Pablo Verón, Marcelo von Schultz y Leonello Zambón.